Car DAB+ Digital Radio’s in Melbourne

DAB+ Digital radio is set to be the single biggest development for your car since the inception of CD back in the 80′s. Offering not only stunning interference free digital sound, but also with the introduction of ReVu™ you can pause and skip-back through live broadcasts!

digitalradio for your car melbourneWhat is DAB+

Digital radio (DAB+) is set to revolutionize the way motorists listen to the radio. Unlike traditional AM/FM signals digital converts the sound and data into a digital signal that is then decoded in your vehicle with a unit like Pure ‘Highway’.

This means that there is no interference from buildings, walls, hills and other structures like that found on traditional AM/FM broadcasts. Once you have your unit installed you can listen to a great selection of stations all with CD-quality sound for FREE.

Is DAB+ available in my area?

Currently in the ‘roll-out’ phase most capital cities including Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth can enjoy the benefit of DAB+ immediately with other areas coming on line later. For extensive broadcast and coverage information visit to check the suitability of a digital radio (DAB+) receiver in your area.


Digital radios are much easier to use than analogue radios because they automatically search for all available stations. Once the radio has found all the available stations you just choose the one you want by name. No more trying to remember frequencies.

Wider station choice

You’ll be spoilt for choice – as well as many of your existing favorite stations now broadcasting on digital radio, you’ll also find great exclusive-to-digital stations and there are more on the way.

Digital sound quality

DAB+ is not subject to the same interference as analogue radio resulting in crystal clear, interference free listening

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